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Uploaded Date and Time: Sept. 7, 2012, 11:54 a.m.
Creator: Gurgaon Ki Awaz
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Description: Gurgaon mein sawan mein mahilayen kya karti hai aur kya khas hota hai,jhoole aur khan paan ki baat ho ra hai , sabhi mahilayen Gaon Islaampur ki hain
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: Well definately the maasla factor is driving the collections apart from the star quotient but i was reffering to punjab side Where sardar factor would have helped a lot How do you think the two movies would hold up post sunday? And how would you describe their bo performance uptill now?I think jthj is doing well Decent good Nt excellent but good While sos,i think, is doing better conaidering the lesser number of single screens in mass areas like delhi,up etc and the small appeal it held for multiplex audience as against jthj of big cities which drive collections in a big way! 7 years, 8 months Ago
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