Organic Fertilizers
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Description: Radio Dhadkan - CDKN Shubh Kal Programme on ‘Organic Fertilizers' – Final Radio Script Radio Dhadkan Signature Tune (01 - 36 secs) Shubhkal Signature Tune (37 – 48 secs) Radio anchors in conversation (Male anchor - Santosh and Female anchor – Sunita) (49 sec – 01:54) Santosh - Hello friends! Welcome to Radio Dhadkan 107.8 FM. I am Santosh. Sunita - Hello to all Radio Dhadkan listeners. I am Sunita. Santosh - We bring you your favorite informative show Shubh Kal! Sunita - Not only do we provide information, our shows have an entertainment segment as well! Sunita - Due to limited availability of manure, many farmers do not practice organic farming. Santosh - Excess use of chemicals is harmful for the soil as well as our body. Sunita - Even after knowing this, farmers use these chemicals consistently. Santosh – The good news is that organic farming is now gaining attention of many farmers. Sunita - Some farmers practicing organic farming have prepared an organic manure themselves. Santosh - It is called Amritmitti. Let us know more about it. Music Transition (01:55 – 01:56) Radio reporter in conversation with farmer Prakash Kushwaha about the technique of making amrit mitti Farmer Prakash Kushwaha - Amritmitti is an organic manure to be used in place of chemicals. The first step in preparing amrit mitti is making the amritjal (amritwater). The ingredients required to make Amrit jal are 1 kg of cow dung, 1 litre of cow urine, 50 gm jaggery and 10 litres of water. The ingredients have to be mixed in a bucket and stirred clock wise and anti-clockwise 8 times in a day. This process is done for three days. Fourth day is a day of rest. On the fifth day,an additional 100 litres of water are added and about 25 kg of dried green grass or leaves are soaked in this amritjal for 24 hours. The next step is to make the amritmitti. From an area measuring 3 feet wide and 10 feet long in the field, dig out the top layer of soil. In this dug up area, spread one inch layer of the soaked grass (from the amritjal mixture in the bucket). Then spread one inch layer of the dug up top soil. Sprinkle some amritjal to keep it moist. A total of 24 such layers have to be put – 12 of the soaked grass and 12 of the removed top soil. Amritjal has to be sprinkled on all the layers. The top most layer should be 2 inches thick. Amrit jal should be sprinkled a few times every day to keep this area moist. This should be done for about 20 days. It takes about 2 months after this process of sprinking the amrit jal is complete for the amritmitti to be ready. So it takes a total of about 3 months to prepare this amrit mitti. Radio Reporter - How much cheaper does amrit mitti work out as compared to using chemical fertilizers? Farmer Prakash Kushwaha - Since farmers already keep livestock so the cow dung and cow urine is easily available on the farm only. The only expense is for buying 50 grams jaggery. Radio Reporter – You used to practice chemical based farming earlier. What is the difference in production levels using chemical fertilizers and amrit mitti? Farmer Prakash Kushwaha – Amrit mitti produce is definitely better. Radio Reporter – Where did you hear about amrit mitti? Farmer Prakash Kushwaha – I heard about amrit mitti through a rural reality competition (Kaun Banega Shubh Kal leader contest) organised by Radio Bundelkhand in which different groups of villagers had to adopt various climate change adaptation options in their everydaylife. My group took up the challenge of demonstrating the use of amrit mitti on our fields. We got training by Radio Bundelkhand in the process of making amrit mitti. Radio Reporter - How beneficial is Amrit mitti for the farmers in coping with the effects of climate change? Farmer Prakash Kushwaha - Unlike chemical based fertilizers, amrit mitti does not emit any gases when used and so poses no threat to our environment. Radio Reporter - Thank you for coming to our studio. Music Transition (05:56 – 05:57) Radio anchors in conversation (Male anchor - Santosh and Female anchor – Sunita) (05:58 – 06:59) Santosh – The procedure of making this organic fertilizer is so simple. Sunita – As Prakash told us, Amrit mitti making requires only 1 kg cow dung, 1 litre cow urine, 50 gms jaggery and 10 liters of water. Santosh - It is easy for farmers to arrange these ingredients as most of these are available on their farms only. Sunita - After mixing these ingredients in 100 liters of water on day 5, dried green leaves are soaked in it for 24 hours. Santosh - Remove the top layer of soil from an area of 3 feet wide and 10 feet long on the field and put 24 layers i.e. alternate 12 layers of soaked grass and soil each and sprinkle these with the amrit water prepared in the first few days. Sunita - Within 3 months, the amrit-mitti is ready! Santosh – Now it’s time for our listeners’ entertainment. Today we will be a hearing a folk song by a local artist - Gautam Singh. Sunita- He belongs to Kairo village. Let’s hear the folk song. Folk song (07:00- 07:52) Music Transition (07:53 – 07:55) Radio anchors in conversation (Male anchor - Santosh and Female anchor – Sunita) (07:56 – 08:27) Santosh - I hope you all enjoyed the folksong! Sunita - Folk songs are always melodious! Santosh - Now let us proceed with our show. Sunita - Yes, this is programme Shubh Kal where today’s topic is different methods of making organic manures. Santosh - The other kinds of organic manure are vermi compost and NADEP compost. Sunita - Our experts will be explaining them in more detail. Music Transition (08:28 – 08:29) Radio reporter in conversation with KVK Scientist - Dr. Ashok Singh Yadav Scientific expert - Hello fellow farmers! I am Dr. Ashok Singh Yadav (Scientist, Krishi Vigyaan Kendra in Shivpuri) Reporter - What is vermi compost? Scientific expert - Vermi compost is an organic manure prepared using earthworms. Reporter - What is the procedure of preparing vermi compost manure? Scientific expert - A vermicomposting bed should be built in a shady area. It should be kept away from direct sunlight. Put sand and gravel followed by vegetable waste and half-done cow dung. Put some earthworms on top. It is necessary to maintain moisture by sprinkling water and covering the bed with a wet jute bag. Stir the mixture to give it air. By the 45th day, the vermi compost will be ready. Reporter - From where do we get earthworms? Scientific expert - Farmers can get earthworms from a farmer in Narwar block, Shivpuri who has been preparing vermin compost for a very long time. Not just Shivpuri, many farmers in our Malwa and Niwar area have been working on vermi compost and provide earthworms to other farmers. Reporter - Thank you for this important information sir! Music Transition (10:40 – 10:41) Radio anchors in conversation (Male anchor - Santosh and Female anchor – Sunita) (10:42 – 11:07) Santosh - That was Dr. Ashok Singh telling us the procedure of making vermi compost. It works out much cheaper for the farmers when compared to using chemical fertilizers. It is also an excellent, nutrient-rich soil conditioner that helps in increasing the fertility of the soil. Sunita - Seeing its benefits, many farmers have now started using vermi compost on their fields. Santosh - Dr. Ashok Singh will now discuss the procedure of making NADEP compost – another type of organic fertlizer. Music Transition (11:08 – 11:09) Radio reporter in conversation with KVK Scientist - Dr. Ashok Singh Yadav Scientific expert - NADEP pit has a definite structure. It involves construction of a brick tank which is 12 feet long, 6 feet wide and 3 feet deep. Holes are provided in the tank for aeration. This structure is filled with 16 layers of garbage, sand and cow dung. Approximately 18 quintals of garbage, 10 quintals of sand, 2 quintals of cow dung and 1500-1600 litres of water are required. Post 15-20 days when the mixture sinks below the tank rim, it has to be filled again in the same sequence of layers. After 75-80 days when the decomposition process slows down, one can add phosphorus in order to make the manure more nutritious. The complete composting process takes 90-120 days. Music Transition (13:39 – 13:40) Radio anchors in conversation (Male anchor - Santosh and Female anchor – Sunita) (13:41 – 14:18) Santosh - By now I am sure all of you have learnt the different methods of making organic manures. For NADEP, the government provides subsidy as well. ‘Nadep Nirmaan Yojna’ is prevalent for all farmers across Madhya Pradesh wherein the government provides a 50% subsidy on the total cost incurred for construction of a permanent nadep (brick tank) or a maximum of Rs. 2000/- per nadep, whichever is less. Sunita - The process of making these organic manures is also very simple. Santosh - It’s time to end our show. For any suggestions you can contact us. Radio Dhadkan, Gwalior bypass, A.V. road, Shivpuri.Our number is-08602425752. We shall now take your leave. Santosh and Sunita - Goodbye! Programme ends with Shubhkal Signature Tune
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