Ep-26 Mudda (On Migration)
Title: Ep-26 Mudda (On Migration) View Translations like
Uploaded Date and Time: March 14, 2013, 2:25 p.m.
Creator: 23 jan 2013
Uploaded By: 90.4 MHz Samudayik Radio Henvalvani
Description: PROGRAMME DETAIL: A chat show on specific issues around displacement . The programme format is designed to increase the community participation level by introducing phone-in and SMS pooling. TOPIC: communication devlopment PARTICIPANTS: -Ravi Gusain (Henvalvani CR) -Yashpal Sajwan (Henvalvani CR) -Dr.Veniram Anthwal (Professor of History)
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: Salaamu alaykumAnother chartcterisaic5. Blatant lies, taking things out of context, confused arguments, one-eyed perspective.The treachery that goes on, and the incompetence, the sheer lies, too many people have not the slightest idea innaa lillaahi wa inaa ilayhi raj\'oon. Thank you for your efforts brother, and keep it clean and may Allah accept. 8 years Ago
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