Palayan 'aa ab Laut chalein Bhag 1' Rough Cut
Title: Palayan 'aa ab Laut chalein Bhag 1' Rough Cut View Translations like
Uploaded Date and Time: Feb. 8, 2013, 9:02 p.m.
Creator: Bahadur Ginwal & Soumya Jha
Uploaded By: KumaonVani Aapun radio-Aapuni baat90.4
Description: This program is a part of collaboration initiative between Gurgaon Ki Aawaz and Kumaonvani. Under this initiative series of 6 programs on Migration will be produced. Here is 1st in the series...Keep tuned for more on Migration
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8 years, 5 months Ago
: I baked these biscuits yday. They were way too salty. Easy to make but my batch is just idnieble with this quantity of salt. The ginger also gave a slightly off flavor, not very pleasant. The texture is good, so the recipe could work if we change the seasonings.I'm thinking I might grind them into crumbs, mix with some salt-less ingredients and use for a crust or topping of some sort I'd suggest you check and update the recipe. 7 years, 12 months Ago
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