Did you Know? Ginger
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Description: Medicinal Value of Ginger
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: Hi Andre,Now you are really into hitmesong very interesting! I have myself spent hours and hours collecting and creating drills for the two teams I have been choaching the last few years. I have a rather nice “bank” of drills and games for players from 8 16 years. However you have a well organized regime to offer and really a nice structure in The Ultimate Soccer Drills System. I am looking forward to the full report!!!There is one thing I like to emphazise and hitmesong all soccer coaches should write with a black pen in the wardrobe: “Never ever underestimate the potential of any players!” From experience it is not allways like that the strongest, tallest and best play in early youth become the best in late youth or as an adult! One of the smallest and maybe also weakest players at the age of 10-11 is now at the age of 16 playing for the Norwegian National team U16! So, have a strong focus on developing the players and not only the team!Cant wait!Best Regards,Magnus 7 years, 8 months Ago
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