1. Why is MANCH necessary?

    While local is essential, a lot that is local is also relevant on a larger scale. Secondly, the mainstream media needs enrichment of the alternate. The overall goal of Community Media MANCH is to assist in the democratization of the media space by creating opportunities for grass-root content creators to become effective knowledge providers. The project aims to enable communities to fully realize their right to freedom of speech and expression by empowering them to exercise their right to own and manage their own media and create locally relevant content.

    Through the Community Media MANCH platform, community producers and content creators will be able to share their work with other community media practitioners as well as engage with the mainstream and social media to make community conversations accessible locally, regionally and internationally.

    Importantly MANCH will support enhanced access to critical rights based information especially among marginalized communities. MANCH will facilitate opportunities for those to stake their claim to media spaces and technologies - and use these to speak, and show; to share collectively and individually; to connect and to persuade; to ruminate and to ponder; to express and explain - and above all to celebrate their cultures and their knowledge without fear or apprehension.

  2. How can MANCH help me?

    If you are working within community radio stations or creating community content using any other media, MANCH has been designed especially for you. Think of all the things that you could possibly use help with - writing a script, looking for background information, getting music from a different region, understanding or ideating on a better process to engage your community of a difficult subject. Now imagine you had many others like you, producing content and engaging with communities at the grass-root, available to provide you with their insights, share their bits of content. That is how MANCH can help- by making your resources available to others like you and their resources available to you. The more your own resources you make available through MANCH, the more useful MANCH will be to you in future because MANCH is the sum of all its users.

    To start with browse all the content that is currently on MANCH. Look at how it has been shared. Can you download it? Can you rebroadcast or distribute it after placing due credit to original producer? Can you redevelop it in your own way and broadcast and distribute?. The producers of the content have given all these permissions.

    Look at the resource page, which has more content and information on a wide spectrum of themes which you can adopt for your needs. Check the Webinar for the month (we have a new one every month), try out the generic content service we offer translated for you to use as you see fit.

    At MANCH, we also realize that shortage of relevant community content is a terrifying prospect – MANCH aids in sharing and working with groups to co-create content which greatly reduces the burden especially when you are strapped for cash and people! MANCH is based on free and open source platforms and languages, it offers a space to cut across logistical, social and cultural barriers – envisions an environment where creating content that is shared not only with your own community but by those living hundreds of miles away. Imagine being able to use content that can be adapted to suit your needs …the opportunities are limitless.

    Look at this video to see why some community content creators and broadcasters are on MANCH.

  3. How can I participate?

    Once you are a registered user, feel free to contribute, create or collaborate on community content but please follow with the guidelines mentioned. MANCH opens up channels for us to connect with one another – so whether it is knowledge exchange, content sharing or co-creation, this platform can be used for the benefit of your community.

    Connecting and communicating can take any form you’d like. Have you composed a piece of music that your community members would like to share? Do you have a database of NGO’s that have worked within your community on education? Do you know of an expert who has helped your community better its agricultural yield? Upload, Share, Impart, and Teach! Have a look at our Resource Section for more ideas.

    The ethos of MANCH is to assist especially in times when the voices within your community are unable to be heard - Lack of access to vital knowledge that empowers is very often at the heart of the problem. When information becomes available and can be adapted in your local language, it empowers as it is able to reach those who need them the most which is why your participation is crucial in making this happen… your voice won’t just be heard – it will be amplified!

    Go ahead, whatever’s the need of the hour - ideate, produce, network…MANCH is ready for you.

  4. Why do I need to register?

    Registration is essential and there are lots of benefits to it. Firstly registration puts all users on a level playing field –you’ll be able to network with other members, access content uploaded by them and upload and showcase your own content.

    That’s not it - it will enable us to tailor the availability of content to your needs, inform you of partners that you may wish to collaborate with, receive updates on activities and events, access learning sessions and content and aid you should you wish to conduct your own webinars.

    Registration is simple and will take only a few minutes. You must first complete the registration form and create a user name and password. During registration you are required to give contact information (such as your email address). MANCH is the sole owner of the contact and usage information Click here to register.

  5. What is collaboration and how will I benefit from it?

    Collaboration, team work, partnership, alliance, co-operation… we can give it a list of names but essentially it involves two or more community partners working together to jointly produce work. Teaming up with a partner(s) has many benefits. Whether it’s getting rid of geographical road blocks, being resourceful with manpower and costs, facilitating imaginative and creative output or teaming up to exchange knowledge and open channels that speak to each other, collaboration works for all. It’s not for no reason that they say two heads are better than one.

    Have a look at this video to get a better idea with whom and how you can collaborate

  6. How to install manch mobile app

    Please use this document

  7. How can I start collaborating?

    In order to collaborate:

    1. Log in
    2. Click on collaboration
    3. Add a title and fill the collaboration form
    4. Choose partners you want to collaborate with (at least 1 partner is required)
    5. Click submit
    6. For more info watch the video below.

    7. What is Webinar and how is it beneficial?

      Webinars are seminars, workshops or lectures that can be viewed or conducted over the Internet. Webinars allow community media practitioners in different locations to watch and listen to a presentation without having to be in the same room. It’s like attending a meeting without physically going to one! MANCH will offer the technical support to make Webinars themselves more collaborative by enabling participation between the audience and the presenters.

      MANCH will also organize a webinar every month on a range of different themes. Some of the subjects addressed will include how to start your own community radio station, working with broadcast and content creation technology, developing local community campaigns, how to conduct community audits of government schemes, How to make innovative content around a wide variety of local and social issues that may be of interest to you like fighting local corruption and rights violations, talking about women’s rights and gender issues, helping communities become healthier by adopting simple health practices to name a few. The webinars will also focus on technical and content skill sharing between community media practitioners, which may be supported with experts from industry sharing their opinions and experiences.

      As a registered user, you will also be able to organize your own webinars enabling you to become not just a receiver of information but an active expert on MANCH.

    8. How can I start a Webinar and what can I discuss?

      For a webinar

      1. Login
      2. Click on Webinar.
      3. Click on “create meeting”. Fill the fields with information that is required such as name of the Webinar – you may think of an appropriate title of your webinar based on the issues and themes you intend to discuss. Fill in attendee password – This is a password that is chosen by the webinar organizer for the attendees), moderator’s password (different to the one that is being given to the attendees and one that belongs to the person starting the webinar.
      4. Select the list of people you want to invite for the webinar (only the invited partners will get an email invite for the Webinar)
      5. Calendar on the home page will showcase the list of webinars hosted on MANCH.

      Webinars can be on a range of different subjects that you feel will be beneficial to the MANCH community. MANCH is not yet setting the rules on what may or may not be the themes for a webinar. However as long as you feel that the webinar is going to be of assistance to fellow community media practitioners, go ahead and arrange one. You can look at the Guidelines page for some Do's and Don’ts. AT a later stage based on user engagement and feedback some common rules of engagement may be designed and agreed upon.

      MANCH has been created with you in mind. You will determine what is valuable for you and other community media users who are your peers. If you have had a positive experience of organizing a fundraiser at your community radio station and would like others to gain from your community’s experience by all means share it or if you have developed a radio program format that is a hit with the listeners and you want to share it Webinar is the place! The sky’s the limit…

      For more info watch the video below.

    9. What are the accepted platforms/ browsers for ‘MANCH’?

      You can access MANCH on all basic Internet browsers. For a trouble free browsing experience we suggest you use 9+/ Chrome/Firefox/Safari with latest version of Adobe Flash and JavaScript enabled.

    10. Do I need to install anything to support smooth viewing of MANCH?

      Nothing really, your computer should have Flash with JavaScript which is generally enabled by default. Also, a good Internet connection wouldn't hurt at all.

    11. How can I upload audio/text/video/images?

      Uploading is simple! All u need to do is

      1. Be a registered member of MANCH
      2. Log in using your User Id and Password
      3. On the Home page, click the Upload tab.
      4. Fill the required information on the upload page
      5. Click Save. (You will see a message showing you the % uploaded - once uploaded the content will automatically showcase in the Home screen)
      6. Tagging content is absolutely essential for easy accessibility by others to your content.

      For more info watch the video below.

    12. Why can’t I upload content?

      If one is a registered member, then he/she should be able to upload content provided that he/she has a reliable internet connection, has filled out all the mandatory fields for uploading, and the uploaded file is one of the accepted file types.

      Files Supported on MANCH

      Audio: wav, mp3, aiff, wma, ogg

      Video: mpg, wmv, mp4, flv, mov, vob, ogg

      Image: jpg, jpeg, gif, tif, tiff, png, bmp

      Text: txt, pdf, doc, docx, rtf, odt, ppt, pptx, odp

    13. How can I download audio/text/video/images?

      Option 1 – on the Home screen, content that is available can be downloaded by clicking on the Download option.


      Option 2 - Go to Content page on the Home Page. Select content that you want to download. You can use filters to narrow your search.

      Click on the content you have selected

      Click on Download and your content will automatically be downloaded.

      For more info watch the video below.

    14. Why can’t I download content?

      If you are a registered member, and you don't see the download link for the content, then it is probably because the content owner has not given anyone permission to download content.

    15. Why do I need to Tag?

      Tagging makes listing of your content easy, therefore, increasing the chances of your content being found by other MANCH users easily. We have restricted number of tags to prevent irrelevant content showing up.

    16. How can I edit my profile?

      After logging in Go to My profile click Edit fill the details and click Submit

    17. Where do I report technical problem?

      Email us at info@manch.net.in with "TECHNICAL" in the subject area and one of us will get back to you.