Why Manch? Watch the video below to know.

MANCH is a Hindi word that translates as ‘platform’ or ‘forum’. Community Media MANCH is a platform for community media practitioners.

It is a platform that will enable community media practitioners across regions to Share, Collaborate and learn from each others’ practice of content creation, community engagement, use of technology, self governance and evaluation and share knowledge about many other aspects of their work.

At MANCH, we believe in the diversity of voices that need to be heard to ensure that the media landscape isn’t homogenous – it can be disparate yet dynamic - where groups or individuals enhance the media environment by promoting voices of their communities so that grassroots voices are heard beyond national and language barriers.

The MANCH platform supports sharing of audio, video, texts and image content by enabling community media groups apply a range of creative commons licenses to indicate how they would like their content to be used. The platform aims to assist community media groups enhance their capacity through productive collaborations with their peers. Additionally MANCH will host and support learning webinars where partners and users will be encouraged to talk about their experiences and engage with the MANCH community on a wide variety of issues. MANCH will also support collaboration amongst its user community. The collaborations can contribute to the development of new collaborative content, help members and users co create programs or project designs, innovate with multilingual scripts or generate new ideas for community communication initiatives.

MANCH supports voice engagement for commenting and participating in webinars and collaborations. It also supports translations through crowd sourcing.

So whether you want to share a stimulating video or an inspirational radio broadcast, engage in a thought-provoking debate or chat about common concerns and day-to-day practices, MANCH is the space for you. You may explore the Forum, Collaboration or Webinar or Upload your Content or simply browse through the large collection of community content and leave your comments.

Community Media MANCH has been designed under the Ford Foundation grant to Ideosync Media Combine and has been developed through a participatory process. Several Community Radio Stations and other community content creators have contributed their ideas to its user interface and design. It is based on principles of open source and all development code for the site will be available in the public domain. It will remain a work in progress in the hands of its users.