Effects of climate change on health
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Description: Radio Bundelkhand - CDKN Shubh Kal Programme on 'Effects of climate change on health’ – Final Radio Script Programme starts with Shubh Kal Signature Tune (1 – 14 secs) Radio anchors in conversation (Male anchor - Rampal and Female anchor – Varsha) (15 secs – 1:31 secs) Varsha - (coughing) Rampal - What happened Varsha why are you coughing? Varsha - Haven’t you been experiencing changes in the weather? So many people are falling ill because of it. Rampal - Yes Varsha, weather change has given rise to many ailments. But first, why don’t you tell the name of our show to the listeners? Varsha - Oh yes Rampal! The name of our program is Shubh Kal. Rampal - In ShubhKal programs we discuss various topics related to climate change. Varsha - For which we bring you a series of 12 special episodes! Rampal - Today we will discuss the effects of climate change on our health. Varsha – Let’s hear what our community has to say. Music Transition (01:32 – 01:35) Reporter - I am in conversation with Mr. Asaaram who is the Sarpanch of Ramnagar village. He is very old and so has many years of experience. Sir, in comparison to earlier times, which diseases in your opinion are on the rise due to climate change? Asaaram - With continuous change in the weather, people often suffer from cold and fever. Unchecked and excessive mosquito breeding is also giving rise to many diseases. Unlike before, people are not getting proper food to eat which is affecting their health. Music Transition Varsha - That was Asaaram telling us how climate change is affecting our health. Rampal – Now we will listen to the views of Mr. Mukesh Rajput. Music Transition Mukesh - Situation is now very different from what it used to be few years back. When I was a young 10 year old boy, it used to rain a lot. People did not have to go to doctors that often. Organic farming was more prevalent. People ate healthy, nutritious food. Organic farming protects the soil and is also good for the crops while excessive use of chemicals destroys the land as well as crops which later also affects our health. Sadly over the last few years, rainfall patterns have become very erratic. Forests have been cut down. Our environment has become very polluted. Farmers have started using chemical fertilizers to a great extent. Demand for doctors has increased a lot. Apart from common colds, fever, dengue and malaria; many people are suffering from deadly diseases like cancer. It is necessary to stop deforestation and pollution. Music Transition (04:37 – 04:40) Radio anchors in conversation (Male anchor - Rampal and Female anchor – Varsha) (04:41 - 05:41) Varsha - Those were interesting viewpoints. Hospitals are now a days always full ! Rampal - All of us are somewhere responsible for this climate change, isn’t it? Varsha – Yes, Rampal. But why not entertain our listeners first before proceeding further? Rampal - Alright Varsha! Let’s hear a folksong by Dayashanker Ahirwar on cleanliness. Song on cleanliness (05:42 -07:05) Music Transition (07:06 – 07:10) Radio anchors in conversation (Male anchor - Rampal and Female anchor – Varsha) (07:11 - 08:44) Varsha - Welcome back friends! Today we are discussing the effects of climate change on our health. Rampal - As well as the reasons behind it. Varsha - Reasons are many, the first and foremost being dirty surroundings. Rampal - That is why through the song, the singer was also asking everyone to keep their surroundings clean. Varsha - We must therefore clean nearby drains regularly to avoid insect breeding. Rampal - Second reason being sudden changes in temperature and the changing climate. Varsha - Correct! Rampal - Now let us proceed our show further and talk to Dr. L.P. Anandani. Varsha - Let’s hear him. Music Transition (08:45 – 08:48) Radio reporter in conversation with Dr. L.P. Anandani Reporter - Sir, how is climate change affecting our health and what diseases do you think are spreading rapidly due to climate change? Dr. L.P. Anandani - Sudden changes in weather are not good for our health. Unexpected rainfall, extreme heat and cold pose a major threat for people’s health. A number of people these days are getting common cold, fever and even deadly diseases like SARS and swine flu. Dirty surroundings and water logging provide suitable conditions for mosquito breeding which further spread diseases like malaria and dengue. Water must be kept clean and eating raw vegetables should be avoided. Reporter - How is excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides harmful for us? Dr. L.P. Anandani – Many farmers are using chemical fertilizers these days. In order to sell their products, farmers use excessive chemical agents to make their produce look beautiful. These chemicals cause serious damage in our body. A lot of people suffer from allergies, skin diseases and food poisoning. Reporter - Thank you for this information sir! Music Transition (11:05 – 11:08) Radio anchors in conversation (Male anchor - Rampal and Female anchor – Varsha) (11:09 - 13:43) Varsha - As Dr. L.P. Anandani also told us, it is very important to keep our surroundings clean to avoid getting diseases. Rampal - One must also try to eat as much fresh and clean food as possible instead of processed food. Varsha - It would be great if instead of growing crops in a hurry with the help of chemical fertilizers, our farmers show a little patience and practice organic farming. Rampal - In today’s episode, we learnt the effect that climate change has on our lives and health. In order to save ourselves, we must follow the advice of our fellow farmers and experts that we have heard in this programme. Varsha - I request our listeners to tell us how they have been tackling climate change and give tips to those who have not adopted any measures till now. Rampal - You can also send us your feedback on our shows. Varsha - Our address is Radio Bundelkhand 90.4 MHz, TARAgram, near Orchcha Tagela, Orchha. Rampal - You can call us on 07680252826. Varsha - In our next episode, we will learn about different ways in which farmers get information about weather forecasts. Rampal - For more climate change related queries, you can call the Kisan call centre. Varsha - Their number is 1800 180 1551. Rampal - We shall now take your leave. Rampal and Varsha - Goodbye! Programme ends with Shubh Kal Signature Tune (13:44 – 13:55)
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