Benefits of Crop Insurance
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Description: Chanderi Ki Awaaz radio station - CDKN Shubh Kal Programme on ‘Benefits of Crop Insurance’ – Final Radio Script Chanderi Ki Awaaz Signature Tune (01 - 10 secs) Radio Anchors in Conversation (Male Anchor - Insaf and Female Anchors – Krishna and Shabana) (11 secs – 02:41 secs) Insaf and Shabana - Hello everyone! Shabana - I am your friend Shabana. Insaf - I am Insaf. Krishna - Wait! Don’t forget about me. I am Krishna. Insaf - You are listening to Chanderi ki awaaz Shabana - At 90.4MHz Programme Shubh Kal! Shubh Kal Signature Tune (30 – 40 secs) Insaf – Today we will talk about the benefits of crop insurance. Krishna - Benefits of crop insurance? Insaf – Crop insurance is a boon for farmers. Shabana - That is why today we will learn about crop insurance and crop loan. Krishna - I have heard about life insurance and health insurance. What is crop insurance? Insaf - Just like you’ve heard of other insurances, there is crop insurance as well. Krishna - What are the benefits of getting crops insured? Insaf - Like other insurances, crop insurance has its benefits as well. Extreme temperatures and unpredictable rainfall patterns due to climate change destroy tons of crops every year putting farmers in a loss. Am I not right Shabana? Shabana - You are right Insaf. In order to practice new climate resilient farming techniques, many farmers take huge amounts of loan from banks or private individuals. Krishna - Yes, a poor farmer has no option but to take a loan. Insaf - If a farmer experiences heavy losses due to unforeseen and unpredictable weather events, then how will he pay back the loan? Shabana - In such a situation, if he has got his crops insured, it will give him a huge relief. Krishna - But do our community members have any idea about crop insurance? Insaf - In order to know that, we will have to talk to the farmers. Music Transition (02:42 – 02:45) Radio reporter Kailash in conversation with farmers Radio reporter - Hello everyone! I am in conversation with Par Singh Khushwaha from Phathiyabad. Sir, did you get your crops insured? Farmer Par Singh - No I have not. Kailash - Why didn’t you get it insured? Farmer Par Singh - I had no idea about crop insurance. If I did, I would have got it done. Music Transition Radio reporter - Have you ever taken a crop loan? Farmer Shyamlal - Yes, I have taken a crop loan amounting to Rs. 50,000. Radio reporter – Have you got your crops insured? Farmer Shyamlal - Yes, I have. In case my crops get destroyed, then the government will pay me compensation. Music Transition (03:37 – 03:40) Radio Anchors in Conversation (Male Anchor - Insaf and Female Anchors – Krishna and Shabana) (03:41 – 04:54) Krishna - Some farmers haven’t insured their crops due to lack of knowledge about it. Insaf - Yes, some farmers know its benefits but are unaware of the centers providing crop insurance. Shabana - On the other hand, there are farmers who have taken crop loan as well as crop insurance. They mentioned that crop insurance would provide them compensation in case of crop loss due to unforeseen calamities as a result of the uncertainties associated with the changing climate. This would in turn help them pay off their crop loan. Krishna – There are many farmers who lacked information regarding various aspects of crop insurance and loans. Insaf – Let us talk to some experts for getting information in detail and share the same with our listeners. Shabana - Before doing that, let us entertain our listeners with a really nice folk song. Krishna- Of course Shabana! In fact I was thinking about that only. Insaf - Now since both of you are insisting so much, let’s hear a song! Folk Song (04:55 - 06:18) Radio Anchors in Conversation (Male Anchor - Insaf and Female Anchors – Krishna and Shabana) (06:19 – 06:49) Insaf- Proceeding with our show, lets meet a branch manager who’ll answer our questions regarding crop insurance. Shabana - Such as, what is crop insurance? Krishna - What are its benefits? Insaf - Who provides insurance and what is the procedure of getting crop insurance done? Music Transition (06:50 – 06:53) Radio Reporter Raj in conversation with Bank Manager – Mr. B.D.Sharma Radio reporter - Hello everyone! I am in conversation with Mr. B.D.Sharma (Manager, Bank of India, Chanderi). Sir, can you please explain first - what is crop insurance? Bank manager - Our ex-prime minister Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee initiated this Kisaan credit card scheme and crop insurance policy to provide relief to farmers in case of crop destruction. The amount insured is at least equal to the loan taken by the farmer. For getting a higher amount insured, farmers would have to pay a higher premium. Radio reporter – On what basis is the premium decided? Bank Manager - Insurance amount is equal to the crop loan taken per hectare and compensation is given to a farmer only if he suffers crop loss due to a natural calamity. When a farmer takes loan, he is automatically given crop insurance. If without taking a loan farmers want to apply for crop insurance, they can approach the nearby block level agricultural department (Krishi Vibhag). They just need to inform about the crops they’ve grown and fill a declaration form which is forwarded to the insurance company from there. It is important to note that only notified crops are covered under crop insurance. Radio reporter - What are those notified crops? Bank manager - Notified crops for the Kharif (summer) season are corn, grains, millets, soybean, barley, peanuts and banana. For the rabi season (winter) season, the notified crops are wheat, gram, mustard, potato and onion. Radio reporter - Do the notified crops vary from region to region or are they uniform throughout the nation? Bank Manager - Notified crops depend on the climatic conditions of an area. Hence they can vary place to place. Radio reporter - In a situation of natural calamity, does a farmer who does not have crop insurance get any relief? Bank manager – No. Only those farmers who have taken crop insurance specifically or a loan in which case they get automatic crop insurance – can get compensation in case of crop destruction as a result of some unforeseen weather event. Music Transition (11:23 – 11:26) Radio Anchors in Conversation (Male Anchor - Insaf and Female Anchors – Krishna and Shabana) (11:27 - 13:04) Shabana – The Bank Manager gave us some very important information. Insaf - Yes Shabana. If a farmer takes loan from a bank for his crops, the bank automatically gives insurance to him. Krishna - Insurance helps farmers in a situation of natural calamity when their crops are destroyed completely and they have a burden of paying back the loan. Insaf - Not just that, a farmer can get insurance of 150 times the value of loan taken by paying extra premium. Shabana - Whatever amount of money the farmer takes as loan, that amount at least is insured to him by the bank! Krishna - In order to get insurance, farmers can contact the nearest block level Krishi Vibhag (agriculture department), provide their crop details and fill a declaration form. Shabana - Or farmers can directly go to their nearest bank. Now let us talk about crop loans? Insaf - Yes we will talk about it but after this song. Folk Song (13:05- 14:18) Radio Anchors in Conversation (Male Anchor - Insaf and Female Anchors – Krishna and Shabana) (14:23 – 14:45) Krishna- I am sure our listeners enjoyed the song. Let us proceed with our programme now. Now that we have already learnt about crop insurance, why not discuss crop loan? Shabana- Let us hear Mr. B.D. Sharma, the Bank Manager. Music Transition (14:46 – 14:49) Radio Reporter Raj in conversation with Bank Manager – Mr. B.D.Sharma Reporter - Sir, what is kisaan credit card (crop loan option)? How can our rural community gain benefit from them? Bank Manager - The amount of loan given by the bank is equal to the money required per hectare for growing crops. As a policy, banks give an additional 20% of the loan amount for meeting other needs of the farmer. Reporter - What formalities are required by farmers to apply for crop loan? Bank Manager - There are mandates we follow which state what amount of loan can be given for a particular crop. When applying for loan, a farmer must provide information related to crop/crops he is growing and present his identity card or proof of being a farmer. Sometimes land is taken on rent. In these cases it is important to give the necessary lease papers and farmers can get a loan up to Rs. 25,000/-. Reporter - Thank you sir! Music Transition (16:56 – 16:59) Radio Anchors in Conversation (Male Anchor - Insaf and Female Anchors – Krishna and Shabana) (17:00 – 19:15) Krishna - To know more about crop loan and crop insurance, you can call Kisaan call centre toll free number 1551. Insaf - Toll free numbers are free of cost. Shabana - With this we have come to the end of our show. We will meet again next week! Krishna - Do not forget to listen to our next Shubh Kal episode. Shabana - You can send us your suggestions and feedback on our address: Chanderi ki awaaz, Old bus stand, Chanderi. Insaf - Or you can call us on 07547253623. Krishna - We also have e-mail facility. Shabana - Our e-mail id is Krishna - We will now take your leave. Goodbye! Shubh Kal Signature Tune (19:16 – 19:26)
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