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Description: Lalit Lokwani Radio Station - CDKN Shubh Kal Programme on Agroforestry - Final Radio Script Programme starts with ShubhKal Signature Tune (01 - 24secs) Radio Anchors in Conversation (Male Anchor - Sitaram and Female Anchor - Suman) Sitaram - You are listening to 90.4 MHz. I am Sita Ram and I welcome you all. Suman - And friends I am your friend Suman and I also welcome you all. Sita Ram - Today, I am going to tell our audience how they can practice agroforestry on their farms. Now let us talk to a farmer – Gyasi Ahirwar who is practicing agroforestry on his farm. Music Transition Radio Reporter Sita Ram in conversation with Farmer Gyasi Ahirwar Sita Ram - What is your name? Gyasi - My name is Gyasi Ahirwar. Sita Ram - We would like to know that what kind of farming you practice. Gyasi - I make organic manure in my farm and practice organic farming. Also I grow flowers and fruit trees like papaya on my farm. Radio Anchors in Conversation (Male Anchor - Sitaram and Female Anchor - Suman) Sita Ram - Our reporter friend Kashiram spoke to a scientist from the Krishi Vigyan Kendra (agricultural science center) in Lalitpur district. He will tell us how to solve problems related to agroforestry. Suman - So listeners, let us listen to what our scientific expert has to say. Music Transition Radio Reporter Kashi Ram in conversation with Agriculture Scientist (2:15 –4:45) Kashiram - First of all we want to know from you - what is agroforestry. Scientist - Agroforestry is a name for a land use system in which trees are grown along with crops.According to the survey of year 2009, in our country the area under forests was 21% though it should beatleast33%. Therefore farmers should grow trees and practice agroforestry on barren land lying unproductive. Kashiram - What is the potential benefit of agroforestry in a semi- arid, drought prone region of Bundelkhand? 3 Scientist - Due to its natural characteristics of shallow soil depths and hard rocky substrata, water storage in aquifers and moisture conservation in the soil becomes very low in Bundelkhand.Agroforestry has very vast potential in Bundelkhand. Trees can be planted which are suitable according to the climatic conditions of this region. This integrated model helps in soil and water conservation. The roots of the trees help in binding the soil which results in reducing water run-off thus enhancing water retention in the soil. Through agroforestry, diversification of the production system is promoted thus reducing dependency of the farmers on one crop variety. So by adopting agroforestry, farmers can reduce the risk of loss which occurs due to the recurring problem of drought in this area. Kashiram - So what are the things that farmers should keep in mind while deciding on which trees to grow on their farms? Scientist - This is a good question. Few things must be kept in the mind while choosing which trees to grow on the farm along with the crops so that they do not have adverse effect on each other. We must plant trees that grow fast. Roots of the agricultural crops normally stay close to the ground surface. So, we must chose trees whose roots grow deep in the soil so that they do not compete with the crops for water and other soil nutrients. In addition to this, while choosing trees farmers should keep in mind to select trees which grow straight and do not have too much foliage. If trees have too much foliage, agricultural crops will not be able to grow properly because of the shade and lack of sunshine. While choosing which crops to grow in an agroforestry system, farmers should try and chose crops that are of pulse type because there is a particular bacteria in the root of these types of crops which draws nitrogen from the atmosphere in the soil thereby increasing its fertility. Also farmers should chose crops that can grow under shade of the trees as well. Kashiram - Sir you have given very useful information to our audience. I am very thankful to you. Music Transition Radio Anchors in Conversation (Male Anchor - Sitaram and Female Anchor - Suman) Sitaram - Dr. Prithvipal told us that our farmers should grow fruit trees like lemon, gooseberry and guava in an agroforestry system. Farmers should use their land lying unproductive to grow trees. Also trees can be grown on the boundaries of farms. Now let us listen to a short play on agroforestry. Suman - Oh! I am excited about this. 4 ShubhKal Signature Tune (5:46 – 5:58) Agroforestry Play (5:59– 7:02) Play starts with chirping sounds of birds. It is morning time in the village. Chandrabhan - Hello Lakhan, how are you? Lakhan - Hello Chandrabhan, how are you? Chandrabhan - Dear Lakhan, what are you doing these days? Lakhan - I am working on sowing seeds on my farm. Chandrabhan - What are you sowing in the farm? Lakhan - Wheat, gram and peas crops. Chandrabhan - Can I say something? Lakhan - Yes, please say. Chandrabhan - You can do one more thing along with growing these crops on your farm. Lakhan - What’s that? Chandrabhan - You can do horticulture along with your regular farming.It is like shooting two birds with one arrow. You can do horticulture along with your crop production. Lakhan - How can I do this? Chandrabhan - You have total 4 acres of land. You can do horticulture in two acres of your farm in which you can plant fruit trees of gooseberry, lemonand guava which are less bushy and their fruits can be sold in the market at a higher price. Agroforestry will give you dual income benefits – from crops as well as trees. Lakhan - Is there any harm to the crops, if we plant trees in the field as crops do not grow very well under shade? Chandrabhan - Yes, you have asked the right question. But we don’t have to plant trees like mangowhich are very bushy. We must plant trees like gooseberry, lemon and guava. These types of trees are less bushy and do not harm our crops. Lakhan - You are absolutely right. I will definitely do horticulture in my farm. Lakhan - Please tell me from where can I get theseeds for these trees? Chandrabhan - There is anagro forestry department in Lalitpur. They have some horticulture schemes running. You can take benefit from them. They will also guide you properly. Lakhan - What kind of benefits do they offer? 5 Chandrabhan - You can get seeds of some fruit trees from them. You will also get wire to put around your farm to protect the seedlings. You will also get information for the proper maintenance of your crops and trees. Lakhan - OK, you have given very valuable information.Bye-bye Chandrabhan Chandrabhan - Bye-bye Lakhan Music Transition Radio Anchors in Conversation (Male Anchor - Sitaram and Female Anchor - Suman) Sitaram - So SumanI hopeyou have understood the concept about agroforestry through the play. Suman - Sure Sitaram, I just hope our listeners use this information and adopt agro forestry to improve both production and income from their fields. Sitaram - It’s time to leave now. Suman - Sure Sitaram. Now we have to take leave from our listeners. Goodbye. Programme ends with the ShubhKal Signature Tune 6
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