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Name: Pradeep Mahapatra
Address: HIG-140-K-6-Kalingavihar, Bhubaneswar-751019, Odisha, India
About me:
Mr Mahapatra is a Development Catalyst close to three-decades with an emotional relationship with grassroot communities. He has been working with various constituents having strong exposure in eco-development & community-resilience-process. He has enhanced outreach with local, regional, international organizations towards micro-macro linkages. Mr. Mohapatra is deeply advocating localize the SDGs and pursuing for local action & global networking towards risk informed resilient development. And now he is the one of the Members to Multi-stakeholder Advisor Committee (MAC) of Sustainable Food Systems (SFS) Powered by FAO & UNEP, it is called as The One Planet Network. He is spearheading UDYAMA, ( ) as founder, embarking on citizen-actions on mainstreaming DRR, END-WATER-POVERTY campaign, deepening governance on water and local biodiversity & capitalizing mainstream resources impact to livelihoods of small holdings linking with community resilient-process & climate-justice. His focused activities on landscape advancement, wise water use, and ecosystem based initiatives & life skill building integration with grass root innovations & inclusion is well reflected into action. He always advocates broad based livelihoods in cultivating solutions for people & planet that has added value for money to resilience building connecting to social, ecological, human capital. He is a team-player working in tough & challenging-conditions & managing-major conflicts are his strength and undertaking emerging issues to Next-Development-Challenges. He is personally & professionally associated with many local, national international institutes Network member Ecosystem Services Partnership , Climate Change Technology Network(CTCN), Life-member of Indian Association of Soil and Water-Conservation, Dehradun, India. Life-Member of Orissa Environmental Society, Bhubaneswar. Life member India Water Partnership & Global Water Partnership , Global Environment Facility Life Member of Indian Red Cross society, Network member to Revitalizing Rain-fed Agriculture (RRA) & SRI India, Network Member of Stakeholder Forum, AGWA,Water Climate Coalition, CLEAN, member Earth Day Network Network member to End Water Poverty Campaign, WSSCCC , SusanA , S2S, Gender and Water Alliance, water allies, Member Global soil Partnership. Network member asia-sdgs-platform Network-member of eradication of Hunger & Poverty, Network member APRCEM, Network member of, UNGLOBAL COMPACT, GACSA-FAO, UNISDR,UNESCAP, National focal Point & member Regional Steering Committee for Asia at GNDR , member with Urban Poverty Migration , ACCCRN, CANSA, ,weAdapt ,WOCAT-,Roster Expert UNHABITAT-Observer UNFCCC Roster-Expert CDKN , Observer-UNCCD , ICLEI ,SAMHITA, Global Alliance for Clean Cook Stoves. He is one of the Best NGOs on Rural Reconstruction & Environment in 2006 , International Awardees on Environment 2014 & Best NGOs on Water Harvesting from UNESCO-2016 and many. For other details please log on links:,,,,,,,+udyama&start=10&sa=N ,
Areas of Interest:
Community resilience

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