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Name: Radio Macfast 90.4 FM
                THUKALASSERY, THIRUVALLA- 689101
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Radio MACFAST 90.4(Reg.No.PR0268) –a social service arm and community radio of MACFAST (Mar Athanasios College for Advanced Studies Tiruvalla) is the first on campus Community Radio in the state and 46th in the country which was launched on 1st November 2009.It believes that the emergence of a knowledge society is possible through focused work at the grass-root level. It realizes that transfer of knowledge happens in both direction –from the urban society to the rural one and vice versa. It ensures its extensive presence in the Central Travancore (parts of Pathanamthitta, Alappuzha, Kollam, Idukki and Kottayam districts) as a catalyst by bridging the knowledge divide in people. It has almost five lakhs listeners from different parts of these five district. Now Radio MACFAST 90.4 is a trendsetter in community radio segment through its wide range of diverse and interesting programs, which airs 16 hours a day. It has a key position in the heart of people by closely serving the community by reflecting vital community issues and focusing specifically on their needs. True to its punch line - “Nattukarku Kuttai” (Community’s Companion) – it strives to achieve exactly the same: “a partner friend in all the endeavors of the local populace”. It is located within its founding philosophy – to give a voice to the voiceless. It acts as a centre for religious, social, cultural and national integration. It intends to work towards creating a civil society with a growing sense of community values, irrespective of caste, creed, age, gender or discrimination based on level of education. But at the same time, it also realizes that as community stations are the pulse of their community. So the community is its lifeblood, and it needs to be fully a part of it to allow the station to grow. Radio MACFAST 90.4 now becomes the coordinating centre for uniting the knowledge from all sources of information and knowledge, thus facilitating positive transformation in the society through community development, reconstruction and national integration.
Areas of Interest:
Radio MACFAST 90.4 Initiated Programmes CLEAN AND GREEN TIRUVALLA PROJECT It is an initiative of Radio MACFAST 90.4 in association with Tiruvalla Municipality to achieve the aim –Clean and Green Tiruvalla. The concept put forward is NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) Syndrome to IMBY (In My Back Yard) habit i.e. waste management is the source itself which is an initiative to practice micro level decentralized waste management. RADIO MACFAST SCHOOL CLUBS Radio MACFAST School Clubs is one of the novel initiatives of this community radio. Almost 15 schools in and around Tiruvalla participate in this program. They have the opportunity to perform their program on every Fridays and Saturdays. RADIO MACFAST CHARITIES RM Charities finds the poor and the needy in the community who are financially deprived and provides financial and labour help towards building houses for the houseless and for the treatment to the terminally ill. ‘HRIDAYASPANDANAM’ Free Heart Surgery Programme This heart operation programme ‘Hridayaspandanam’ is one of the social responsibility activities of radio in association with Pushpagiri Medical College, Tiruvalla and different stake holders of Radio MACFAST 90.4. One surgery costs round Rs. 1,15,000. It envisages offering 50 free heart surgeries for those who are in need. So far 9 persons were successfully treated under ‘Hridayaspandanam’. PARTICIPATION FROM STUDENTS As a part of industry interface initiatives, students are participating with Radio MACFAST 90.4 programmes. They can not only expose their talents but also get an exposure to explore the unlimited opportunities of community radio. Additionally radio offers them fair remuneration to exercise the concept of self-sustainable campus. Students have the opportunity to work with radio from evening 5 pm to 10 pm everyday and on all holidays. WAR AGAINST DRUGS War Against Drugs is a crusade programme against the usage of Alcohol and Drugs. Radio MACFAST conducts awareness programme, seminars, road shows etc. regarding this. We convey the message that liquor and drugs is so fatal and that kills the customer inch by inch. ‘NERVAZHI’ Road Safety Programme ‘Nervazhi’ means right path – one year pilot project launched by Radio MACFAST, in association with the Kerala Motor Vehicle Department and Kerala Police. Traffic awareness to students and public, seminars, road shows, award for best auto driver etc. the project was inaugurated by film actor Captain Raju. MAKS(MACFAST Knowledge Scheme) MACFAST Knowledge Scheme is an endeavor of MACFAST to bigger knowledge resolution by identifying, training and developing the talented students for social change and personal growth. Students from class seventh to ninth can participate in this program. They will be given specialized coaching to attend with confidence in competitive examinations beginning from State Level Examinations to All India Examination and International level examinations viz PSC Exam, ICWA, MAT, SET, NET, IAS, IFS and so on.

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