National Science Day

22 Feb, 2019 15:33
4-5 years ago some one said to mi …“Now upcoming days we will be able to do Video Call”
It was shocked to mi…
22 Feb, 2019 15:17
Yes because of Science & technology now a day we can listen very clear FM'S Broadcasting.Some year ago there was more disturbance.One more example of Mobile.Now we can listen very clear voice on the phone .10-15 years age sound was not so good and clear.We used to asked to rise the voice…
22 Feb, 2019 15:13
Last years memories
22 Feb, 2019 15:08
Whats others planing on this occasion ?
22 Feb, 2019 15:07
I would like to share our one of old experience.At year for the National Science Day we had called to one of Science teacher.He given talk on how can we do our life more smart with help of Science.
22 Feb, 2019 13:42
Since the evolution of Science has made possible for us to run a CR with much improved technology it is very much important for us to look back and see how and who made those things possible.Pasumai CR is in progress on creating programmes on being grateful to Science and how well it has changed our lifestyle for both good and bad.
22 Feb, 2019 13:40
Hello All,
Greetings from Pasumai CR!
we all know National Science Day is around the corner.
Whats Your Status-quo on preparing for this special day?.
Do share your ideas and experience with Science so far in your lives and its impact on our society.
wish you all Happy “NationalScience Day ” in advance
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